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5 Ways To Use Packaging To Create Your Brand

Branding is perhaps the most important element of any successful company. It is the first thing that any marketing or advertising team will evaluate, as the brand is what defines your business. It gives customers an idea of what services and/or products your company offers, and by doing so, it helps increase name recognition. Although traditional advertising campaigns are the method most people visualize when thinking about branding, packaging can be incredibly useful as well. You can take packaging and turn it from a necessary additional cost to a useful advertisement tool that is well worth the investment.


Identifying the Product

To successfully use packaging to create a brand, the design must include certain information. This includes the company name and logo as well as any necessary trademarks. Ideally, the logo that you select should stand out from competitors and also give some indication of the type of product that is enclosed within the package.



When working to create your brand via packaging, consistency is the most important factor to keep in mind. It is essential that every single element of the brand, from the logo to the slogan, is consistent between the packaging materials, your website, any print ads, and anywhere else that they appear. Even something small, such as a change in color from blue to red, may interfere with brand recognition. Keep in mind that many people notice not only images and company names, but also colors. Be sure to pay attention to small details as well, including the grammar and font for your slogan and where it appears compared to your company name and logo on the packaging.



While it is true that the best brands will stand out from the crowd, they are still simple. The packaging should include your brand, but not be overwhelming. If your label includes briefs or a list, resist the urge to include too many items. Many brand teams will create lists that have almost 10 points of communication, when in reality most customers will only notice and absorb the first three. If there is information that is truly necessary for the consumer and it cannot be included on a paper within the package, place it on the sides or back of the box. Let the logo and company name be the primary focus on the front of the packaging, as this will allow them to be the most recognizable elements for the customer.


Find Inspiration

Branding always requires a great deal of creativity, and using packaging to help create it is no exception. When looking for inspiration, be sure to examine not only the competitors within your industry, but also those in other ones. The fashion industry may give inspiration for fun textures or color palettes, while architecture businesses can provide ideas for the physical structure of the package.


Add a Personal Connection

Not everyone realizes it, but branding is about more than simple name recognition; it is also about making a connection with the consumer. Using the packaging to accomplish this goal is incredibly simple. Adding a small thank-you or similar item to the actual packaging — in a location that is visible but not distracting — can be enough to help connect with your customers and inspire their interest.


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