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Anyone who runs a business recognizes the importance of branding. Name and logo recognition is one of the best possible ways to grow your business and including this information on product packaging is essentially free advertisement. You won’t always, however, be able to fit your logo on your packaging in a natural way and squeezing it on when it doesn’t make sense can detract from the overall appearance of the packaging. When your logo and packaging collide like this, there are a few things you can do to help remedy the situation.

Focus On Product Name

In the case of big companies with great brand recognition, your focus will be on including the logo or company name on the package in a visible way. This would mean that if you need to compromise on some element of the packaging design to fit the logo, you would. As a small or medium company, however, your concerns will be different. You likely don’t have a great deal of name or logo recognition yet. This means that the most important thing to include on the packaging is the product itself. It is still ideal to fit at least your logo or company name, but that alone won’t make sales. Customers unfamiliar with your brand will want to know what you are selling, not the name of your business. In this case, the logo will have to be compromised.

Convey Brand In Other Ways

If you find yourself having to make the logo smaller on your packaging, there are still some other ways you can convey your brand. Incorporate the colors of your logo into the packaging itself so customers at least start to link those colors to the product in question. See if there is some way to incorporate just a piece of your logo on the container, such as an animal or shape found in it. Include any little detail you can that gives customers a glimpse of your brand.

Incorporate Logo In Other Areas

In some cases, you simply won’t be able to fit your logo onto the packaging or will be forced to make it very small. When this happens, you can find other creative ways to include the logo. Try getting custom tape to seal the boxes you use for shipping products or sealing individual packaging. You may even be able to customize the plastic wrap or other small elements within your product packaging by adding your company name and logo.

Work With A Designer

The absolutely best option when your logo and packaging collide is to consult with a designer. In this case, this would be a packaging designer as they have experience finding unique ways to incorporate brand imagery into packaging. They will also help you come up with other creative ways to make your packaging stand out, boosting sales. Don’t be afraid to pay extra for a designer as they will likely be able to resolve your issues and find the perfect balance between the packaging you want and a box that includes your logo.

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