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If you have been selling your product for at least a year, then you know taking advantage of seasonal changes in the packaging can boost sales. The unique appearance will catch the eye of customers, making them more likely to consider your product. A fall theme, for example, will get the notice of potential clients browsing online or in stores. To take advantage of this, consider a few methods of giving your packaging a fall spin.

Back-To-School Theme

Although school has already started, it is a key element of fall and most students and parents won’t have remembered to buy everything before the school year. This means that even if school has been in session for a month or two, you can take advantage of a back-to-school theme to boost fall sales. If you are packaging clothing, market it as school appropriate and able to stand up to tough play at recess. If you sell food, market it as a delicious addition to a child’s lunch. Even medication can be marketed as a way to ensure a client’s child recovers quickly and doesn’t miss too much school. The possibilities of embracing a back-to-school theme are limitless as long as you let creativity flow.

Fall Colors and Symbols

Perhaps the simplest way to give your packaging a fall spin is through the colors and symbols you include on it. Try to incorporate various shades of burnt orange, yellow or red. These colors are typically associated with leaves falling and other fall things. If you are set on your color scheme, add leaves or other objects associated with fall to your product. This is a great way to give your packaging a hint of fall without sacrificing your brand identity. As long as the majority of the container’s design remains the same, customers will be able to firmly link your fall packaging and standard packaging to each other. This means that regular customers will easily find your product and new ones who are attracted by the fall packaging will find your product after the current theme is over.

Embrace Pumpkin

One of the biggest themes during the fall is pumpkin. From pumpkin flavors to scents to silhouettes, you will find plenty of items with pumpkins. If you have a pumpkin-scented or flavored product available, advertise it on the packaging for related products. If you sell candles, for example, add “Try our pumpkin candle!” to your packaging. Even if the candle itself isn’t fall-themed or smells like flowers, advertising another product on it and including the imagery for it, such as a small pumpkin, can boost sales.

Use the Holidays

A final way to give your packaging a fall spin is to use the holidays to your advantage. The biggest holidays during the fall are Halloween and Thanksgiving and you can easily add elements of either to your product. Just keep timing in mind and select the appropriate option. To add a Halloween theme, add some orange and black or figures of black cats, jack-o-lanterns, witches, or ghouls. For the Thanksgiving theme, consider a turkey or cornucopia.


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