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What Changes Your Spring Packaging Should Have

Use spring as the perfect opportunity to make some changes to your product packaging. If you want to keep your sales up, you need to constantly make minor changes and take advantage of holidays and seasons. For spring, in particular, you can make a few specific adjustments that will bring in new customers who love seasonal themes. Combined with other changes that are always a good idea, there is plenty to think about this spring.

Adjust to Pastel Colors

One of the easiest ways to change your spring packaging is to adjust the color scheme a bit. If possible, swap out your normal colors for pastel shades of them. If it works, see if you can work in some light green, sky blue, yellow, lavender, or pink, if not a combination of these colors. Each of these shades puts people in the spring mindset, encouraging them to buy your product. This can be even more effective if buyers know that this is just special-edition packaging, as anything with limited availability will sell better.

Add Springtime Graphics

If you don’t feel up to changing the color scheme to pastel shades or it simply doesn’t work with your brand, then consider adding a few spring graphics to the package. You can start getting ready for Easter packaging with an Easter bunny or eggs or just get in the spring spirit. Some good options to enhance the spring theme include flowers, umbrellas and rain, and a shining sun. The spring packaging can do wonders for your product’s sales, since springtime is linked to freshness, indicating that the item you are selling is fresh and new.

Do Some ‘Spring Cleaning’

Spring is also the perfect time to do some “spring cleaning” with your packaging. If you currently have multiple different packaging styles for the same product, it is time to consider whether you really need all of them. Regardless of what you sell, spring cleaning can include evaluating your design for excess clutter. Are there too many images and graphics? Does the writing take up the entire back of the product? If it seems cluttered, see if there is anything that you can get rid of. Remember that products like pharmaceuticals that need a lot of instructions can tuck some of the information into a peel-away flap to declutter the packaging. If you are ambitious, spring cleaning can also mean scrapping your aging design and replacing it with a new one or even changing the shape of your package. Just remember to do your research before making dramatic changes.

Special Considerations for Spring Products: Lawn and Garden

While every product packaging needs to keep the above changes in mind, there are also a few important considerations for specific products, such as those for the lawn and garden. Since most garden and lawn products are similar across brands, the packaging is what convinces someone to buy it. Make sure your packaging is resealable so clients can use a little at a time. In the case of something like a large bag of dirt, make sure it is easy to pour and/or carry, as well.

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