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Trending Colors For Your 2017 Packaging Run

When planning your product packaging, you need to consider every factor. Since trends are constantly changing, it is important to stay up to date with the latest information so you can make the most of these popular designs. Out of all the trends, colors are perhaps the easiest to take advantage of since you don’t have to change your packaging design dramatically to incorporate them; instead, just adjust the color scheme slightly.

Changing Gender-Related Colors
Traditionally, if you were creating a product geared toward men, you would give it a blue color, and you would opt for pink if you were targeting female customers. This is a good way to indicate the target audience for your product without actually having to write it out on the product or packaging. However, some of these color differences are narrowing and color schemes are changing. If you have two versions of a product with one for men and one for women, you will still want to distinguish them in some way, but pink and blue no longer need to be the main colors. Lighter neutral colors are a trend for women’s products while darker shades, like gray, are more popular for men’s products.
Black Remains Premium
For several years, black product packaging has been associated with premium products, and this particular trend remains. If you want to give your packaging a higher-end feel, then consider black. Just remember that it is being used more frequently, so you will have to pair it with an excellent product design with fonts and complimentary colors that enhance the upscale feel of the packaging.
Natural Hues
One of the biggest trending color schemes for your 2017 packaging run is the grouping of natural hues. People tend to be more appreciative of natural shades and neutral colors, so you will see a lot of packaging in these hues for the upcoming year. There is a range of related colors to choose from, and you can make your packaging unique with your brand logo, complimentary colors, the shape of the package, and other elements of design.
Other Trends for 2017 Packaging
In addition to the colors for your 2017 packaging run, you should consider the other trends that can help you bring in more clients. With an increase in environmental concern, more customers are interested in buying products that are made or packaged in an environmentally friendly way. If possible, opt for recycled or recyclable materials when creating your packaging. Vintage or artisan designs are also extremely popular right now and will continue to be into the following year. If you can figure out a way to give your packaging design a vintage twist, this may be excellent for your sales; work with a designer to see what kind of packaging you can come up with. You should also work to keep your overall packaging design clean and uncluttered. Customers are now looking for products that make it easy to find the relevant information, so keep your packaging streamlined and simple, particularly when it comes to ingredients used in food products.

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