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Three Components to Every Package Design

When considering your packaging design, you should consider its elements and how they come together to represent your brand’s image. The package tells the customer about your product, where it came from, and why it’s unique. 

There are some common elements that you will find in every package design. These elements work together to tell consumers about what they can expect from your brand and product. These components are described below to give you a better idea of what you need to consider with your package design. 

Meaning Behind Your Design

When you are designing your package, your elements are created to convey meaning with words and images. It is important for your design to deliver the right meaning of your brand to your audience. A quality packaging design can help your customers understand the product and your brand just from a look. Consider a bag of chips and the images on the outside of the bag. What do the images tell you about the bag? More importantly, what do you feel when looking at the images?

It should evoke more than just the chips and their flavor. It should also evoke the feelings you have when eating them or the crunch they make when being bitten. By using images and words to show how craveable and satisfying these chips are, you are more likely to sell more bags. The meaning behind the images in your package design will go a long way in convincing customers to choose your products. 

Placement in Your Design

The placement of the elements of your design has an important role in how potential customers see your product and your brand. It’s important to remember that just because an element is on your package doesn’t mean that your customers will see it and interpret what you want from the design. 

This can even cause confusion because of poor placement on your package. Understand the role you want the element to play and then place it effectively on your package to illustrate that role.  The elements on your package should be placed according to their importance and should be used to communicate power and priority. 

Power to Your Design

You must remember the power of a visual element to make an impression on your potential customers. It starts with the ability to attract attention and likability but goes deeper to building a connection with your customer. This refers to the things that are outside of our conscious mind that influence our choices and behavior. 

Your package design has limited real estate, and every part of it needs to convey something about your brand and product. You don’t want elements to become background noise because of their lack of power. Make sure each element contributes to the overall package and conveys what it can do for the customer. 

From color to font, there are many things to consider when working on your package design. Take the time to put in the research beforehand and you will save yourself the trouble of redesigning a package that isn’t working for your brand. 

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