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Best Practices to Achieve Your Sustainability Goals

Packaging waste accounts for over 25% of the solid waste produced each year. This can be as much as 83 million tons of packaging waste on an annual basis. Therefore, it is important to work hard at reducing your packaging needs to make sure you reduce your overall waste, keeping your brand’s carbon footprint down. 

Order Samples Before Placing Bulk Orders

The last thing you want is to order a giant packaging run only to find out that the packaging items are nothing you can use. It is much better to order a few samples before ordering a full run. You can waste a few samples, but wasting 1,000 packaging boxes is a financially painful mistake, not to mention wasteful. Ordering a few samples first will allow you to test them with your products and make any needed adjustments before ordering the full run.

Custom-Sized Packaging Reduces Waste

If you are packaging your products in boxes that are too big, you are throwing away packaging and money. This creates surplus waste as well. In addition, an oversized box can cost you extra in shipping fees. If you are unsure of the box size your product requires, you should use a sizing calculator you can find online. This will give you an idea of how much packaging your product needs for safe shipping. This will allow you to not only spend less on packaging materials but also reduce your overall carbon footprint. 

Avoid Over-Packaging and Extras

You don’t want to overload your package with extra items. Everything uses materials and also adds weight to the shipping process. You can do a lot without taking away from your packaging and product needs. For instance, don’t ship a box within another box, which is wasteful. Be very prudent with shipping material, unless you are shipping something fragile. In this case, make sure the safety of your item is your first concern, and only then can you think of ways to keep your packaging to a minimum. 

Reduce Exchanges, Returns, and Damaged Products

Returning products by mail will not only cost your company in postage but will also cost in your packaging fees and carbon footprint. Make sure that your product is accurately represented so that those buying it are satisfied. Represent your brand well and reduce unhappy customers by making sure to take quality photos and videos. You also want to make sure your descriptions are accurate and that the sizes are accurately listed. Keeping your marketing details correct, interesting, and concise will go a long way in keeping satisfied customers. 

Encourage Bulk Purchases

Encouraging your customers to buy multiple products or bulk purchases is an excellent way to reduce package waste. For instance, selling shampoo and conditioner in one package will reduce the materials needed to send the product. Purchasing multiple products at once not only results in less packaging in the landfill but also reduces your carbon footprint because there are fewer trips made to the store. 

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