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Eco Packaging – Environmentally Friendly Options

A short print run provides buyers with the opportunity to buy only the number of boxes that they require. In turn, this means that fewer boxes will go to waste, less printing material is used, and it is possible to buy box designs and packaging materials that are environmentally friendly.

Short runs are more economical, because they involve less initial investment, and also because they will not lead to as much packaging waste. They provide greater flexibility and freedom, because you can change designs and utilise more designs in your packaging. Whether your business requires 500, or 5000 boxes, though, it is important to ensure that they are good quality. In the modern business climate, it is also important to ensure that they are ethical and environmentally friendly.

Fewer Boxes

By buying and acquiring fewer boxes, it means that you will not store hundreds or thousands of spare items. This storage requires space that few businesses have, and it also means that you need to keep the storeroom dry, in order to ensure the boxes stay in good condition.

A short printing affords you the benefit of eco packaging, because you will not have to print boxes that you do not need.

Less Printing

Even the printing process itself, no matter how environmentally friendly it is, should be considered damaging to the environment. The printers and machinery used require power, while the cardboard needs to be manufactured before being turned into boxes. Furthermore, the ink, and any other equipment that is used will cause some drain on the environment.

Eco packaging options enables you to minimise the impact that your business has on the environment. Less carbon is used in the manufacture and printing of fewer boxes, and there will not be the same drain on other resources used in the manufacture of the boxes or the ink.

Less Waste

Waste is one of the biggest threats to the environment, and even recycling unused boxes means that there will be some lost paper. Eco packaging options using short print runs enable you to buy precisely the amount that you need, and you can then order more if you need them in the future.

As well as being environmentally friendly, boxes can still be manufactured using your design specifications and offering the style and look that you want.

Choice of Boxes

Whether you are choosing eco packaging in order to meet environmental practices, or simply because you want to enjoy good quality packaging without causing additional damage to the environment, you should choose a reliable manufacturer that provides high quality boxes.

Packaging is important to your branding and customer service efforts, and by using eco packaging it is possible to still enjoy the same benefits, receive only the number of boxes that you require, and help protect the environment.

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