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Packaging Considerations For Hot Weather

No matter the type of product you sell, you will want to make sure that you take extra precautions to help it arrive in good shape at its destination. Because of this, packaging is particularly important during the extreme weather in the winter and summer. Dealing with cold weather requires different considerations than hot weather, but both can pose their own challenges. We can work with you to make sure your product packaging survives the summer heat and arrives safely at its destination, whether that is a client or a retailer. We will suggest you do the following things.

Special Considerations for Perishables

While every type of product requires extra care during the extreme summer heat, this is especially true for perishables. For example, if you sell food products, beverages, medicines, or cosmetics, you will want to do whatever is possible to reduce the effects of heat on the boxes. Start by being sure to label the shipping box containing the products as well as the product packaging itself with a note that the items inside are heat-sensitive. This should minimize the amount of time they are exposed to extreme heat or direct sunlight.

Perishable goods that are temperature-sensitive also need additional considerations, so think about packing your products in a cooler or with ice. You don’t necessarily need to do this for every individual product; just add ice, a cooler, and/or a lining to the larger box you use to hold your products for transport. You should minimize the amount of airspace within the box both when designing the packaging and getting the items ready to ship. More space gives the heat more opportunity to get inside, so pack your products as tightly as possible within their individual packaging and then within your shipping box.

Think About Adhesives

Unfortunately, some lower-quality adhesives just don’t have what it takes to stand up to the extreme heat of summer. Because of this, you want to make that you are picky about the glue and/or tape you use to seal up your individual products and your larger shipping containers. Make sure that the adhesive you select is rated for high temperatures so you don’t have any issues and have to replace the product or packaging.

Plan the Shipping Correctly

Although it doesn’t technically affect the packaging of your product, you also want to plan your shipping correctly. During hot weather, it is worth it to pay a little more for a faster shipping time for your product. Doing so will reduce the impact of the heat on your packaging and product, minimizing the risk of damage.

Consider a Good Test

If you have serious doubts about whether your product packaging can stand up to hot weather or if your product is highly perishable, consider doing a test run before ordering your full amount of packaging. Work with a packaging manufacturer that lets you order a short run, order the minimum, and package up your products. Now you can ship them or do whatever else you would typically do with the product and pay attention to how the packaging and product hold up. If there are no problems, you can order your full run with confidence. Otherwise, make the necessary adjustments and test again.

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