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Looking Ahead to the Expected Packaging Trends in 2022

With 2022 quickly approaching, it is time to take a look at some of the packaging trends you can expect to see next year. You will notice that some of these are continuations of current trends and those from previous years. Even if they are already in use, it is smart to familiarize yourself with future trends, as this helps ensure that your packaging remains relevant. 

Being Pandemic Prepared 

It is no secret that the pandemic negatively affected supply chains and posed numerous challenges. This has led to many companies looking into ways to make their product packaging “pandemic prepared.” There is now even an AIB International pandemic prepared certification. Simply put, being pandemic prepared means that your product packaging is sanitary and less likely to run into supply chain issues during production. 

Protective Packaging (That Is Tamper-evident)

Another effect of the pandemic is the way that it highlighted the importance of sanitation and the safety of products. While many products already had tamper-evident seals and extra protective layers, the number of products with these features is increasing. 

This particular trend, even for products that don’t traditionally require tamper-evident seals, helps give shoppers extra peace of mind during the pandemic and beyond. Even once COVID is under control, people will continue to be more aware of sanitation than before, so expect this trend to continue. 

Augmented and Virtual Reality on Packaging

The last few years have seen a slow but steady rise in the number of product packaging designs that incorporate augmented or virtual reality, and this is likely to increase in 2022. More and more big names, such as Pizza Hut, have incorporated VR and AR into their packaging. As the trend continues, it expands to smaller companies as well. The cost of adding VR or AR has gone down, and it is becoming a popular way to boost customer engagement. 

Minimalist Packaging

There are several potentially conflicting trends in terms of packaging style, one of which is minimalist packaging. If you look at the various products available, you will notice that more packages are keeping things simple as a way to focus on their products. Minimalist packages can also stand out, especially when other products have vibrant or eye-catching packaging. 

Vintage Packaging

As mentioned, minimalist packaging is just one style of packaging that will see an increase in popularity in 2022. Vintage packaging is another. This type of packaging evokes feelings of nostalgia, helping it appeal to older generations. That vintage feel also appeals to younger generations thanks to the way that this style stands out from modern packaging design. 

Showcasing the Product Inside

There are two big trends that let you highlight what is inside your packaging in 2022. One of these is the push toward transparent packaging. That type of packaging gives shoppers a clear image of the entire product. 

The other is the use of detailed images on the packaging to accurately represent what is inside. These images are realistic and are designed to let shoppers know what to expect without actually seeing the product inside. 

Keep these upcoming trends in mind as you evaluate your company’s packaging methods. 

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