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How Important Is Packaging in Marketing a Product?

You know that your product packaging serves several important functions. It protects your product, preventing costly replacements or damage to your brand image. It also helps with marketing and is one of the first impressions consumers have of your product. But how important is your packaging for marketing? Does it make a difference? 

The short answer is that yes, product packaging is very important for marketing your product. Explore some of the specific ways that your packaging affects your product marketing

Packaging Helps You Stand Out

One of the most important ways your packaging affects your marketing is its ability to help your product stand out from the crowd. This is especially true with online shopping and crowded segments. 

Consumers will notice your product in a sea of competitors. If your packaging is different from everyone else’s, you will stand out during the initial selection process. Then, after they have your product, they are more likely to share your packaging if it is unique. 

People Are More Likely to Choose Your Product – Or at Least Consider It 

When your product helps you stand out, it increases your chances of gaining new customers. This is considered the “shelf impact.” While it is focused on retail spaces, it can also apply online. 

You want shoppers’ eyes to be drawn to your product. This is the fact that your choices in product packaging should help your product stand out from the other competitors on the shelf. This is typically due to a combination of design and materials. 

Packaging Is a Communication Channel

You already communicate with customers on social media, email, and maybe text. But your product packaging is yet another way to do this. It lets you extend your brand messaging and add another touchpoint to the conversation. This is crucial as the more interactions and connections with your brand shoppers have, the more likely they are to become loyal customers. 

There are several ways to maximize the use of your packaging as a communication channel. You could add handwritten messages to your boxes, but this is only practical for smaller companies. Larger ones can use stickers and products or even mass-produced inserts that add a similar touch as a handwritten note. 

Packaging Can Even Communicate With Others

The great thing about your product packaging is that it doesn’t just communicate with customers. Yes, if someone buys your product, they will be face-to-face with your branding and messaging. But others will also get a glance at this. Maybe they are just browsing the shelves in the store and see your product. Or maybe they are somewhere and see someone holding your packaging. In either case, you have a chance to communicate with this potential customer. 

Packaging and the Customer Experience

Part of your marketing strategy includes brand reputation, which comes down to the customer experience. The proper product packaging delivers a positive experience that makes customers feel appreciated and special. This can lead to good reviews and recommendations. 


From its shelf impact to communicating with your customers, your product packaging is a crucial part of your overall marketing strategy. This is why it is so important to put effort into your packaging design. 

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