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Clever Ways Your Packaging Can Be Greener

Everyone is interested in implementing ways of doing things that will protect our planet. As the manufacturer of a packaged product, you can jump on the “green” bandwagon by exploring ways that you can package your product in materials that will be kind to our earth, rather than spending the next few centuries in an already burgeoning landfill.

Evaluate Your Present Packaging

What is your present packaging like? A plain light cardboard box? A blister pack? A plastic case? Are there ways that you can alter the current packaging to be more earth-friendly? Or do you need to consider changing the packaging entirely?

The Packaging

Start by considering choosing a packaging material that is made from recycled materials. Very often, packaging made from recycled material will be itself be recyclable. If your product can’t be packaged in recyclable packaging, consider a type that can be repurposed or reused. If you need to pack your product in a tin, make it an attractive tin that can be reused in a number of ways around the home.


Plastics can be a real problem in landfills. Nowadays, many plastics are being made from recycled plastic containers. If you must use plastic, try to obtain plastic that is made from recycled materials. Or possibly you can think of another way to package your product in something other than plastic. Let’s think about curling irons. You know how they come. They are often done in a blister pack. What if they were just attached to a sturdy header that could unfold with the information and directions for use printed on it? That would not only eliminate the need for the plastic blister, it would also cut down on the cardboard used.

Paper Bags

Is your product of the type that could be placed in a biodegradable paper bag rather than a cardboard or plastic container? Paper bags can be printed with soy ink and made to look very attractive. Of course, you don’t want to jeopardize the safety of your product. But there are many things that could be bagged rather than boxed.


Soy inks are all the rage now for those who are concerned about the environment. Traditional printing inks are petroleum-based, making them less desirable to use. We know that petroleum is a nonrenewable resource. Furthermore, petroleum-based inks emit volatile organic compounds, also called VOCs, which affect our indoor air quality and present other health risks. Inks made from soybeans are very environmentally friendly, releasing much lower, or even zero, VOCs. Find out if your printer can use vegetable- or soy-based inks.

Less Is More

Does your product really need to be fully enclosed in any type of packaging? Or is it something that could just have a header attached to it for the pertinent information to be printed on? Or, like lip balm, is all the info printed directly on the product? Reducing the amount of packaging used is a big step in going “green.”

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