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6 Ways Small-Run Custom Packaging Can Help You Test Markets

If you’re considering either changing the packaging on an existing product or designing new packaging, you may want to consider a small-run printing that will allow you to test the practicality or visibility of the new packaging before investing in a large run. It can be a smart move on your part to test the waters before making a large investment.

  1. A New Product

If you have a new product to introduce to consumers, you may want to test the waters with it before having it mass-produced. Ordering your custom packaging in a small quantity will save you money while getting your product out where customers can see it.

  1. An “Old” Product

If your current product isn’t doing as well as you would like it to, it could be because of the way it is presented. Ordering a short run of a newly designed package will allow you to experiment with something different. You may even try two or three differently designed packages to see which one sells the best. Ordering small quantities of packaging will allow you to do this and yet be cost-effective.

  1. A New Target Market

Perhaps you’d like to target a different segment of the market than you have done in the past. This calls for a redesigned package. You can order a small quantity of the new packaging to try out your new idea before breaking the bank to order a large quantity. This way, if the idea flops, you aren’t out your life savings.

  1. Variety: The Spice of Life

As mentioned briefly above, you may have several ideas for packaging design but aren’t sure which one is the best. The “best” can mean anything from durability to selling appeal. Whatever your need is, you can submit several designs for short-run orders to determine which one is the best for your needs. A couple of ways to do this testing is to place all the different designs in one store to see which one is most often chosen. Another way is to ship all of one design to one store, all of another to another store, and so on, tracking sales at each of the stores.

  1. Regional Sales

Packaging design effectiveness can be based on what region you are marketing your product in. A package design with a distinctly Texas flavor may be more eye-catching in Maine just because it’s different and stands out from the crowd. On the other hand, it may be shunned for the same reasons. A small-run order of packaging to use in marketing to various regions of the country will again be the most cost-effective way of determining the best packaging.

  1. Flavors

Perhaps your product has been produced in only one scent or flavor, but you are now introducing a new one. Using a small run of packaging to test the market’s acceptance of your new flavor will keep you from trying to unload a warehouse full of chili pepper-scented air freshener.

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