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Are Boxes and Cartons any Different?

The term ‘cardboard’ is rather popular and is often the first choice of word when it comes to talking about any kind and form of paper packaging material. However, professionals from the packaging industries refer to the same cardboard boxes as corrugated cartons.

There is a difference between the two. The difference might not be very visible or apparent to laymen, but for shipping agents and companies that deal with these boxes and cartons, the difference can be a rather important one. Now, to look at them, they look pretty similar, but corrugated cartons are a lot more durable than average cardboard boxes. This term makes sure that the products remain unharmed inside and within the boxes.

  • Why know the Difference in Terminology?

An average person is more than likely to not understand the difference between the two kinds of boxes that we have just mentioned but to be fair; it is essential for them to know since the uses of the two differ and this can affect shipping processes and experiences significantly. This is especially important for brands to ensure their brand name isn’t ever at risk of delivering damaged products. For brands, the safer bet is always custom folding carton packaging, especially in the USA.

  • What are the Key Differences between the two?

When one says cardboard, they are often referring to a thick paper stock or something along the lines of dense paper pulp. An example of cardboard boxes can be cereal boxes and even occasional gift cards that we purchase. The corrugated cartons are made with cardboard too, but it is essential to remember that the materials aren’t exactly the same.

Corrugated Cartons are made a lot more effectively and have more layers to them, quite literally. They have three sheets of paper including an inside liner, outside liner and fluting with a ruffled shape. The particular material used further enhances the packaging process as not only is it durable but it is also very lightweight along with being eco-friendly. Additionally, it is cost effective and more likely to keep the products inside safe as compared to a simple and plain cardboard box.

Cardboard boxes and corrugated cartons are two different things and have their advantages. Something like corrugated cartons cannot be used for things like cards, and cereal boxes and shipping is made much easier if Cardboard Boxes are ditched in favor of corrugated cartons. Also, corrugated sheets and boxes are more feasible in a way since they can also be recycled rather easily.

  • Conclusion

Both of these forms of packaging are used for entirely different reasons, and it is essential for people to understand which packaging suits their needs. Neither of them are useless, and there isn’t a single better choice to make here considering both of them have their individual uses. However, when it comes to shipping, there are no doubts about the fact that corrugated cartons are a more sensible option to go for.

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