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Tips for Selecting Packaging that Highlights Your Company’s Brand

There are many things to consider when choosing your product packaging, including your branding. But business owners shouldn’t feel as if it is a struggle to select packaging that highlights their company’s brand. 

The following tips will make it much easier to choose packaging that not only showcases your brand but also does everything else you need, such as protecting your product. 

Why Highlight Your Company’s Brand?

Before getting into how to highlight your company’s brand in your packaging, it’s important to understand why such packaging is important. It plays a crucial role in marketing and brand loyalty, helping you attract new customers and retain existing ones. 

Including branding elements helps customers feel connected to your brand, furthering your customer relationship and encouraging loyalty. Of course, it also makes your brand name visible to anyone who sees the packaging, expanding brand awareness. 

Consider Your Target Audience

Choosing packaging to highlight your brand is similar to any other type of marketing in that you want to start by considering your target audience. Think about your ideal customers, their pain points, and their preferences. 

This will let you figure out how your company’s offerings align with your customers’ needs. You can then include that information in your branding. At the very least, you can create packaging that appeals to your customers, whether that is their preferred box style or a font that’s easy to read. 

Know Your Brand Identity

It should go without saying that you should have a deep understanding of your brand identity and how it differs from your rivals. Start by confirming how you meet your customers’ needs. From there, think about your unique selling points and the emotions or feelings you want to invoke in your customers. 

Don’t forget to consider your company’s story as well. Think about whether you want to include a short blurb of its story on the packaging. Alternatively, you can invite shoppers to read about your story on your website, or even include a QR code that will take them right to the relevant page on your site. 

Use Consistent Branding Elements

Perhaps the most important part of highlighting your brand on your packaging is to use your already-established branding elements. You likely already have a color palette, font, and logo you use on your website, social media pages, and other publications. Make sure to use these in your product packaging. This will ensure that customers associate the packaging with your company. 

Consider Thank You Notes, Inserts, and Freebies

While you want to include branding on the exterior of your product packaging, you can incorporate branding inside the package as well. Consider a custom insert that holds your products in place and tells customers about your brand, your mission, or your products.

You can also include a thank-you note to further the relationship with your customers. Or include a freebie to highlight some of your brand’s most popular or newest products. 


To make your brand a crucial part of your product packaging, consider your target audience and your brand imagery. Then, use your brand colors and logo and consider adding inserts to highlight specific aspects of your company.

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