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When most people hear about a small packaging run, they assume that only new or small companies can benefit from this service. In reality, however, a small run, also known as a short run, can be a useful tool for businesses of any size, no matter the industry. A small run can make a great deal of sense and can provide multiple benefits to your business.

No Commitment

The biggest advantage of small packaging runs is the lack of commitment. Most packaging companies will require customers to place a large order. In cases where they do not have this requirement, they may instead require multiple smaller orders, as they are simply not set up to make a profit from short runs. Manufacturers specializing in small runs, however, are able to truly fill these small orders and do so on a one-time-only basis, if that is what their clients want. That translates to absolutely no commitments to return to the same packaging supplier unless you truly want to.

Less Capital Required

Because small packaging runs involve ordering a small quantity of boxes or other containers, they are also more affordable. A large run can be fairly expensive, and not all businesses, particularly new or small ones, will have enough capital to pay for this service. Short runs are the perfect solution to this issue, as the low number of boxes being produced leads to a smaller upfront cost, meaning that you will not have to acquire as much capital before placing an order.

Great for Smaller Warehouses

Any business with a small warehouse will instantly see the benefits of small runs for packaging. Even when folded, boxes can take up a significant amount of room, and this is particularly true when there are tens of thousands of boxes. The quantities produced in short runs, starting at around 500 boxes, are small enough to fit in even the tiny warehouses most startups have. While the lack of space required can help big businesses keep costs low, it is crucial for smaller companies who simply don’t have more space.

Let You Test a Design

No matter the size of your company, it makes financial sense to test the design on new packaging before placing a large order. You can conduct market research or surveys, but the best assessment will come from actually placing your new packaging design on the market and seeing how it does. Even the largest businesses can order a small packaging run of a new design to see whether their clients like it. They then know whether to change it or do another run that is the same. You can even use this method to test themed designs for holidays or seasonal packaging.

Improved Customer Service

Although many people do not think about it right away, it makes sense that packaging companies specializing in small runs offer improved customer service compared to those who only do larger runs. Because these short-run companies do not require any commitment from their clients, they want to do their best to ensure that new customers will become repeat customers after receiving the completed packaging. This means that you will receive prompt responses to queries and quick assistance with problem-solving from incredibly friendly customer support staff, providing yet another benefit of small packaging runs.


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