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Just like trends in clothing, hairstyles, automobile design, furniture, and more, there are trends in the packaging of consumer goods that come and go. Manufacturers and distributors need to stay aware of these trends and package their products accordingly.   Flexible packaging can mean two different things:  

After a long summer, the holidays are suddenly upon us. That means that manufacturers are already cranking out products in volume and hoping their festive holiday packaging will attract the attention of a record number of consumers. When you are a food product manufacturer, even

The packaging of consumer goods is one major facet of advertising. If a company never spent a dime on marketing or advertising, they could still do well if they package their product in a “look at me” way that has a strong “curb appeal.” Packaging

Since the majority of consumer goods leave their respective factories packed in cardboard boxes, it seems logical that people have concerns about just where those millions of cardboard boxes will end up. The majority of consumer goods include cardboard for at least a portion of