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The world does not exist in a vacuum, and the current crisis is affecting the packaging industry, just as it affects everything else. Anyone who interacts with the packaging industry, including companies who manufacture products that require packaging, should be aware of the impact on

If you sell food and drinks, then you need to ensure that you keep sanitary measures in mind when packaging. Failing to do so can pose a severe health risk to your customers, hurting your reputation and potentially resulting in fines. Keep the following information

It is no secret that more people are looking to avoid single-use plastics in their daily lives. For those who sell products, this means that you have to be hyper-aware of the materials that you use to package your products and do your best to avoid single-use plastics.

There is a growing call for sustainable materials and reduced consumption of single-use packaging materials. While everyone is aware of this, you may not realize just how much advancement has already been made. Most recently, researchers used banana waste to create biodegradable and recyclable packaging material, potentially offering