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Depending on the type of product you sell, it may need to remain at a controlled temperature. In this case, you need to design your product packaging carefully so that it keeps your items at the right temperature. Some items will need to stay cold, such as frozen

Crafting the perfect design for your food packaging is crucial to sales. You want something that will appeal to potential customers, encouraging them to choose your product over the competition. You also need something practical, convenient, food-safe, and cost-effective for your company to produce. When

There are some things in our life, which are way too important to go unnoticed and yet we somehow manage to do it. Such is the story of a gable box! A container which is mostly used to carry food or other items. Do you wonder when you

There are multiple factors that affect the decision of the customer or the client while shopping. One of them is the packaging of the product. The medium of shopping might include online shopping or retail experience.  Studies suggest that more than 50 % of the customers who bought products online